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Insurance and Real Estate Loan – Find the best solution

Insurance and Real Estate Loan - Find the best solution

To become the owner of a residence in the city, it may be useful to take out a mortgage loan in order to have the necessary financing for this type of acquisition. A real estate loan committing you to the long term, your banker will ask you to take out loan insurance in order to secure the loan and will then propose his own group insurance contract, this being group insurance protecting the borrowers at medium risk.

You are free to refuse this proposal and can decide which insurer will guarantee your loan (delegation of insurance), thus giving you the possibility to opt for a guaranteed offer cheaper and more suitable than the standard formula proposed by the lender. By taking the time to choose your loan insurance, you will be able to make a substantial saving on the total cost of your home loan.

Call a broker 

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Using a broker will allow you to choose your offer of mortgage and/or loan insurance among the best offers on the market that it has previously negotiated.

Choose an insurance broker and loan

Choose an insurance broker and loan

You are certain to get the best credit insurance rates with a really low cost for your loan guarantee.

We advise you on choosing the best deal among all the loan guarantee offers of insurance companies.

Our credit insurance experts advise you on the steps up to the signing of the subscription with your bank.

The innovative service of “cheap loan insurance” offers simulations guaranteed home loan at the best rate.