The Saudi drama film “Barakah Meets Barakah” will be screened at Cima

Scene from “Barakah Meets Barakah” – Photo: excerpt from the official trailer

CAIRO – November 4, 2017: The Saudi drama/comedy film ‘Barakah Meets Barakah’ (2016) will be screened at Cima in downtown Cairo on Thursday, followed by a discussion.

Directed and written by Mahmoud Sabbagh, the film depicts a Saudi love story amid dark humor that is used to alleviate the difficulties the couple face in the struggle for their relationship.

Starring Hisham Fageeh, Fatima, Al Banawi, and Khairia Nazmi, among others, the film proved a hit in the Arab film industry and won an award at the Berlin Film Festival. The free-entry event will include a post-screening discussion about the film led by film critic Ahmed Shawky, according to the official event page.

Cima is a film venue that seeks to revive the old concept of film clubs, in which films were screened and followed by an in-depth discussion to understand the concepts of the film’s story and climax. The venue attempts to modernize this concept by showing rare and modern films that have not been released in Egyptian cinemas, alongside defining a unique connection between the viewer and the messages revealed in this art form. .

In order to achieve these goals, Cima screens two films a week, followed by panel discussions led by active members of the film industry.

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